Friday, March 28, 2014

On The Road with Friends: Besalú

Gracia and Miquel are Catalans but I met them in California before I moved here.  We’ve remained friends for the last 13 years since I’ve come to live in Catalunya and they continue to live in the Bay Area.  Although a relatively new friend, Gracia has been very supportive of my move to Catalunya and whatever project I've taken on.  When her mom was still alive, she would come to Catalunya often and we usually had the opportunity to meet up.  But it had been a while since our last visit, so it was with great pleasure that I went to pick up Gracia and Miquel at the AVE train station the other day and whisked them off for a visit to Besalú.

Besalú is a charming village that still retains much of its medieval architecture.  The most impressive of these buildings is the bridge that spans the Fluvià river, yet the feeling of stepping back in time embraces you everywhere.  But that is not to say that nothing modern has invaded.  American-style muffins – that is, very large muffins of various flavors – have become popular and Besalú has one bakery almost exclusively devoted to this delight.


But muffins aside, it’s the beautiful medieval bridge that keeps me coming back to visit.

See that white umbrella? That's where we had lunch.

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