Friday, March 14, 2014

Eternal Life in Girona

I recently saw a multiple-part BBC documentary on the art of ancient Egypt so with that fresh in my mind, I was interested to see the exhibit of ancient Egyptian funerary art, "The Secret of Eternal Life" currently on at the Caixa Forum in Girona.  Any excuse works since Girona is lovely and only a short train ride away, and a lovely train ride it is too.

The exhibit, from the Rijksmuseum Van Oudheden of Leiden, was good.  Not as grand as the King Tut exhibit of the 80s, of course, but I have my memories of that and, it is always interesting to see works of art in person.  And there’s something special about them when works are either (1) very famous and you’ve seen reproductions of them all your life or (2) the pieces are very very old.  The unfortunate thing is that all my photos of the exhibit were lousy, with some being only less blurry than others.   The good thing is that the ones I took from a moving train turned out decent.  Now I just have to figure how why that is. 


The Caixa Forum is owned by a
savings bank and run as a cultural
service to the public, free of charge



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