Friday, November 22, 2013

A Few French Dogs

At first I just tried to shoot pictures of the dogs when they were sitting or as they walked by.  But in general I like to take photos closer in.  I like portraits and I like details.  And people don't like when strangers seem to be photographing them on the street.  So I figured, OK, I'll go up and ask the owners if they don't mind my taking a photo of their dog.  But then there was the problem of my limited French and the known fact that the French are (1) not friendly, and (2) do not understand you unless you speak perfect French.  Oh, and then there's (3), I'm pretty shy with strangers and hate to embarass myself in public.

So wasn't I surprised when every person I asked said yes and was actually quite pleased.  Some waitied while I took several shots and then proudly viewed the results on my little camera.  I only wish I had started doing that sooner.






  1. The French do love their dogs, it's good to know that's a strategy that works with them though. I especially like the shaggy dog 4th last.

    1. He's probably my favorite too. It's a shame I couldn't get a better shot of the one with the sneakers, but that was before I implemented my strategy of asking permission and I was simply chasing them down the street.