Sunday, February 7, 2010

German clock in Spain

This is my new clock. Manuel bought it for me last week at an antique fair in Reus. Who said the Spanish don't do antiques? I did. He bought it from an Englishman who lives and has his business in Germany. My new beauty is a German clock from around 1930 and looks a lot like the one I lost when we moved to Spain.  I say I lost it but it must have been stolen.  It was the only box that wasn't delivered to us by the shipping company. The chimes are beautiful, and someday I will be able to ignore them and sleep through the night.

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  1. How painful to read about all the abandoned dogs and cats in Spain. And the torturing bulls is just such machismo crap. There was a tv program last week about how the guys (forgot what they're called) who are part of that are considered heros and glorified. Fortunately, California now has some strict anti-animal abuse laws.