Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Help Catalonia, Save Europe

This video is in English.  It was made by Omnium Cultural, a Catalan cultural organization that for the last few years has been instrumental in the Catalan Right To Vote and Independence movement.  

By posting this video, I'm hoping to help disseminate information about Catalonia and the current crisis.  Omnium (as well as the Catalan government and everyone involved here) is trying to get more public attention to the situation and to get Europe involved in an issue that, in spite of what EU leaders say, is not just about Spain.  Democracy, human rights -- the right to free speech and assembly, and the right to vote, are basic values of the European Union and incorporated into its charter.  The current instability that gets worse each day, and the Spanish government's refusal to engage in dialogue or be assisted by mediation, is endangering the Catalan economy.  This seems to be Spain's aim (just last week they just made it easier for corporations to move their headquarters out of Catalonia, hoping to pressure and weaken the Catalan economy).  What they don't seem to realize is that with Catalonia providing 20% of Spain's economy, when Catalonia falls, so does Spain.  And when Spain falls, so does Europe.  So even with leaders willing to ignore the violation of basic democratic rights and the violence perpetrated again peaceful, unarmed E.U. citizens right there in Catalonia, in the middle of Europe, the economic threat should wake them up.

The media, for the most part, reports on and takes the Spanish side.  But there are two sides to the conflict and the Catalan side has a lot in its favor.  Watch the video and see what you think, and if you agree, please share it with people you know.


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