Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Declaration of Independence put on ice

The President of the Generalitat sort of declared independence today. The declaration has been signed by a majority of the Catalan parliament but they immediately suspended it allowing for some time to see if there can be dialogue and negotiations with Madrid.
Since Madrid has always said and continues to say (even today) that they won't talk about something (a referendum or independence) that is outside the law and unconstitutional, there doesn't seem to me that there is much hope for any dialogue. But if some millions of your citizens have a complaint, and turn out to demonstrate about the issue in the millions, year after year for six years, and you won't talk about it because it goes against the constitution, what chance is there that those citizens will ever feel attended to? To solve a political problem, political leaders must talk. Using the court and the police does not solve the problem.  Political problems need to be solved by political means -- at least in a democracy.  And if they have to change a law or amend a constitution to meet the needs of the people, they do that. Constitutions are supposed to serve the people, not put chains on them.
However, because Rajoy is screwing the economy of Catalonia as well as the whole of Spain with the unstable situation that exists now (occupying one part of your own country with thousands of military and paramilitary troops does not inspire confidence in the financial world), he may well be pressured by outside forces to negotiate.
The cava that many people were going to break open today will have to wait for another day. The good news is that it keeps, and to a point, even improves with age.

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