Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Always Different

I walk through the fields to the village of Vilabertran three or four times a week.  Sometimes I go alone, other times with one or two (sometimes more) friends from the dog park.  One person who comes to the dog park but who has never gone for the walk asked me once if it isn’t boring to always do the same walk.  Well, for one thing, there is no other walk through fields where you don’t have to walk alongside a highway or take a car first to a starting point.  But in any case, boring?  I don’t find it boring.  It’s different every day.

I take photos along the way, but there seems to be one spot where I tend to stop more often.  Sometimes I think to myself, what are you doing?  How many photos do you need of the same thing?  But when I see something beautiful I want to take a photo, and in fact, they are not of the same thing.

The view from the same spot is always different.  Sometimes there is snow in the mountains, others there isn’t, or you can’t see it for the fog.

Sometimes the fields are green, sometimes golden or brown.

One day the corn is high, the next day it’s gone – the farmer came, cut it all down and took it away.

Sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes cloudy – it’s the cloudy days I like the most.

And then there's yesterday and today.


  1. Beautiful pictures. The sky is always changing. wonderful!

  2. Zelda!!! You're an artist!! So many other artists before you have done similar - check out Monet's paintings of Rouen Cathedral!

    1. Zelda! I'm not an artist. You are an artist. But I am familiar with Monet's Rouen Cathedral and his haystacks and several other series he did, as well as Cezanne and his many paintings of Mont Sainte-Victoire. There is a lot of variety and a lot that is interesting or beautiful if people just take the time to look!