Friday, February 28, 2014

Walking: Vilabertran

The day that I ran into the man with a dog from the local animal shelter (called a protectora although the one in Figueres seems to abuse and kill rather than protect the animals) I was actually headed for the nearby village of Vilabertran.  I've walked there several times before but never managed to get there on a weekday when their intriguing city hall was open.  The building is set far back from the street and surrounded by a garden, pond, and wall with a gate that locks outside of business hours -- hence the problem of taking photos.  Built in the early 20th century, an example of the modernista (Catalan art nouveau) style, the Torre de'n Reig was built as a private mansion.  Salvador Dali, who was born in nearby Figueres, used to visit there.

Where asphalt turns to dirt track


Salvador Dali's painting "Vilabertran"
painted in 1913 when he was about 9

Torre d'en Reig, the Vilabertran
glorious city hall


  1. Dvora, I love your posts. Thanks for xrefing on Facebook.

    1. Thanks, Phil! Sometimes I think FB is a black hole, so it's very gratifying to get some feedback.

  2. Very nice!!! We will have to walk there next time.