Friday, December 20, 2013


There is very little of autumn here in Figueres and today is its last day.  Figueres doesn’t actually have many trees.  Except for La Rambla, most of the streets have none.  But if, like me, fall is your favorite season and you are determined and observant, you might spot something.


Chanuka came early this year and my celebration was low-keyed.  I hadn’t gone searching far and wide for candles for my menorah, so I made do with votive candles and a taper.  That worked.  It’s the idea that counts.
Sorry about the blur.  I must have had a wee bit
too much celebratory schnapps

Christmas will be low-keyed too.  A Christmas tree wouldn’t be appropriate and a nativity scene even less so, but the little Catalan shitter, the caganer, who typically is part of the Catalan nativity scene is a different story.  He puts a smile on my face and although I don't have the other figures, he is always welcome at Christmas.

Independentist Caganer with
the holy family

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