Friday, April 5, 2013

Father's Day

Father’s Day in Catalunya is celebrated on the feast day of Sant Josep, as I suppose it is in all historically Catholic countries.  This kind of makes sense to me but kind of not.  Joseph wasn’t exactly Jesus’s father.  I guess he was a stepfather.  He was married to Jesus’s mother and he raised the boy.  Doubts aside, Sant Joseph, which falls on 19 March, IS Father’s Day and I celebrated in a limited way by going to visit the fair. 

The Fira de Sant Josep in Figueres is also the Fira del Brunyol.  A brunyol is a kind of donut, but without a hole.  It is dough that is fried and sprinkled with sugar and eaten during the days before Easter.  I have nothing against deep fried dough covered with sugar, but I didn’t buy any brunyols because they were very expensive.  So I amused myself by walking up and down all the aisles and only buying something to take home for my lunch: a spinach pastry from a Palestinian stand and humus from a Berber stand.  The humus was the best I’ve ever had.  Many of the stands had handcrafts, a few had stuff made in China or Guatemala, and off to the side was an antique/collectibles fair.   But the best was the food stands.  Overall it was colorful and tasty.

Berber pastries

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