Friday, March 1, 2013


One day when the tramuntana wasn’t blowing, I returned to the footbath and followed it all the way to the nearby village of Vilabertran.  It is mostly a nondescript place, but has two highlights.  One is the monastery, the other is the city hall.  The city hall is in a singular building that deserves photos.  It must once have been someone’s mansion.  The whole property is fenced and there was no good position for taking shots because, unfortunately, since I came on a Sunday, the entrance gate was locked.  But it is definitely worth another trip with the camera.

The monastery of Santa Maria, founded in 1069 was accessible, although I didn’t enter the building, saving that for another day.  Vilabertran (and Figueres, for that matter) is on the Camí de Sant Jaume, Catalan for the medieval pilgrimage path that goes to Santiago de Compostela.

A pilgrim's path

A grey winter day, but no wind!


  1. The pictures you load are made by you? They are really great!

    1. Thanks, Jaume! I use my own photos. In the few cases where I use someone else's, I credit them.

  2. Something to do!! Take this walk.