Friday, June 15, 2012

Bye Bye L'Ametlla

Wherever I live, I tend to shop in small, owner-run businesses.  This isn't new, I did it even when I lived in California where big business outnumbers small.  Here in Spain, it's the other way around and so it's easier to do.  Also, wherever I live, I tend to be a loyal customer of the people I do business with, people such as

Montse, the fruit and veg lady

Lourdes, the baker

My butcher

He's not in the village.
Llorenc is the owner of Chez Lorenzo, my favorite local restaurant which happens to be in nearby Miami.

Gertrud, the real estate agent who did not sell my house.
She was my first real estate agent (I bought my house with her).
She's been ill for a while, but hopefully is on her way to good health.

Maria Jose, the real estate agent who did sell my house.
I listed with many agents.  Maria Jose did far more work on my behalf than any other.

Ramon, my electrician, plumber, a big-time Barca supporter, and  generally good person

Trini, la noia multitasques de Casa Ramonet.
While her brother Ramon is out being electrician, plumber, and talking about Barca,
Trini is running their shop in the village.
Smart, strong, and warm-hearted, Trini is my best friend in the village
and the person I will miss the most.


  1. You made me very touched with this new post Dvor.
    I hope with all the strength of my heart, that your new voyage is full of very good things that make you very happy, that your new home is everything you want and what you need.

  2. And you Trini, use your strength to fight your battle and get well!

  3. My friend Sophie was unable to post the following comment on the blog (she's not the only reader who has been foiled in an attempt to comment directly here.) Too bad, I love when readers comment...

    "I tried to put a message on your blog, but that never works for me. So here it is. I've always admired the courage, initiative, imagination, skill, and competence it takes to start and run a small business. Please pass that on to all the people you have honored in your blog. I second your tribute.

  4. Won't it be fun to meet new shopkeepers to patronize in Figueres! Have fun on your new life adventure, Dvora.