Friday, May 18, 2012

Apartment Meditation

Sitting down to meditate this evening I got to thinking.  I know you’re not supposed to be thinking, you’re supposed to be hearing your mantra and sending thoughts, if they come, softly away.  It’s Transcendental Meditation that I do, and I do it thanks to Joe, my second husband.  (I’ve had three husbands, an alarming number that I am not particularly proud of.)

I think that my meditation has helped me stay much calmer than I would otherwise have been these last few years during which I’ve been beset with woes and worries.  So I started thinking about Joe and how I grateful I am that he introduced me to TM.

Then I started thinking about a road trip he and I took across the US.  Driving through the Nevada desert, I was one of those people who thought that there was nothing there, there.  But not Joe.  He saw beauty in the desert when others, like me, saw only emptiness.  But of course he was right.  The desert isn’t empty, and there is a lot there, if you just settle down and take a look.

What does TM and the desert and Joe have to do with the apartment I’m buying?  Probably nothing.

Today I received the contract I signed two days ago returned to me, signed by the buyer.  In the contract my future home is described as an apartment comprised of a living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, bathroom, and a terrace-laundry.  It is typical that the washing machine is placed on a small outdoor space adjacent to the kitchen.  But the apartment has only two bedrooms not three.  The present owner tore out walls to eliminate the smallest bedroom and thus enlarge the living/dining room.  The result is lovely.  I am told this discrepancy is no problem. 

I will soon be living in sixty-six square meters (almost half the area of the house I live in now) with an additional few meters of terrace/laundry on one side and a balcony on the other, looking out over a large area of people’s small garden/patios.  It will be smaller, but I think I will be much more comfortable and hopefully much happier.  I can’t wait to move in, except that I must wait until late June (date yet to be determined).  TM twice a day will help me wait, so you see, there is a connection.


  1. Hay,
    Where's the picture or pictures of your new place? Is it 2-bedrooms or 3-bedrooms? Is there room for me? (smile) Don't worry today I've got just enough money to make it to the edge of town. Tomorrow I'll be rich and then I'll come see the place for myself.
    Richard in Berkeley.

  2. Hey Richard, I'll take pictures when I move in. It's three hours away by car so I'm not making any trips up there before we close. Anyway, the present owners are still living in it so I don't think they would want me in there with a camera!
    It used to be three bedrooms, now it's two bedrooms with a larger living room. Should be just fine. It's a good size for me. And they'll be room for you when you find the pennies to come and visit! Do it!!!

  3. Congrats, Dvora. I look forward to posts about Figueres, northern Catalunya and trips across the borders into France and Andorra.

  4. Hi Devora! Looking forward to seeing you next week! Glad to know that your apt. trials and tribulations are coming to an end!! Leave me a message on my cell phone as how to get in touch with you.

  5. Hi Janet, trips to France yes, Andorra, not unless I take up skiing which is highly unlikely at this point!
    Shuly, I'm going to look up your old email to see what hotel you're staying at. If you want to write to me, use my regular email. I have your cell phone number and you have mine so we can call! It will be great to see you!!

  6. Alberto José MiyaraMonday, May 21, 2012

    I am living in a 60 sq mt, two bedroom apartment, too. It's large enough for almost any middle-aged divorcee except a university professor who readily crams it with papers. Can I send you a few folders for you to keep? I would pay a modest rent.

    By the way, long time no see. Exactly where will you be living?

  7. Hi Alberto, I was waiting for you to call me last July (or maybe the July before) when you were to be in Tarragona but never heard from you.
    I'll be in Figueres, north of Girona. A whole other world, although also a Catalan one. I won't have lots of papers, but I do have lots of books (surely not as many as you, but a lot nevertheless) even though I have given away many. Where to put them all?