Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rumba Catalana in the Wee Morning Hours

Figueres hosts a yearly music festival called Acustica that will start on Thursday and continue through Sunday.  Some of the concerts charge admission but most of them are free.  I’ve never gone to any of them, not being a fan of performances that begin at 10 pm or midnight, although I can’t help but hear some of them that take place just a few blocks away, from the comfort of my own home, so to speak.

But my doggie friends are talking about going.  There’s a group that they’re interested in and in fact, I’m interested too.  The group is called Gertrudis.  I have a couple of cuts of theirs on a CD that V made for me.  They are a Catalan group from Barcelona that plays rumba catalana (rumba catalana is what the Gypsy Kings, also a Catalan group but from Perpignan, play), although Gertrudis' music is actually more of a fusion with flamenco, cumbia, reggae, and others.

Click here for a sample.

The problem is that their performance begins at 2 am.  Really.  V thought it read 2 in the afternoon on Thursday.  But I knew better.  No concert here ever starts at 2 in the afternoon.  I took a close look at the program and it says Thursday, 02:00h.  The discussion at the dog park this evening was, if it means 2 am, shouldn’t it read Friday?  Or is it 2 am on Thursday morning?  Just to say, I’m the only foreigner in the group!  It seems that even they – the natives – don’t know what to make of a concert that starts at 2 am.

In any case, I think some of them will be going (hoping that they’ve zeroed in on the right time and the right day).  And the question is: will I go with them?  In general, at 2 am on any day of the week, if I’m not asleep, I feel like hell.  Then again, it would be yet another adventure.

To go, or not to go, that is the question.

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