Friday, January 31, 2014

A Sunday Walk

Pretty much every day of the week I go out walking to do my errands.  As my errands take me in this direction and that and I don’t use a car, I usually get a good amount of walking out of it.  But every now and then (especially on Sundays when all the shops are closed and no errands can be done) I just go for a walk.

Last Sunday I went out in search of snow.  I live at a low elevation and there is no snow here.  But it has snowed in the Pyrenees and what better way to enjoy it than from a safe distance, from where the weather is much warmer.  Like from the outskirts of Figueres.

So off I went in search of snow.  I will tell you right now that I do not consider Figueres to be the loveliest of towns.  But even so, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can find some nice old buildings.

Adding a column does not ensure elegance.

This poor old thing is waiting for someone to come and invest and make it alive again.

It is located in Potato Square

Just outside town I found some kids playing football (soccer) with a backdrop of snow.

Someone's veggie patch with garden shed and Pyrenees.

And finally, an unobstructed view.


  1. I love seeing photos from your walks and trips Dvora. Looks like a lovely walk. Gotta love that column!