Friday, May 31, 2013


The Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls d’Emporda is a nearby nature reserve, much of it marshlands, where 338 species of birds have been sighted (not by me!), and 82 species regularly nest.  I began going there in the winter not so much for birding, but to take a walk out in nature on paths where there are no cars.  The birds are a plus.  The entire reserve, 4721 hectares (11,665 acres) includes 9 towns or villages, cropland, and a nature preserve.

When I went for my walk last weekend, I didn’t consider the fact that it’s spring and there would be far more people than on my previous walks.  I also didn’t consider that spring is when birds nest and that I might see them en famille.  Although the experienced birder might have seen many different types of nesting birds on that walk, I saw only the biggest – the white storks.  You couldn’t really miss them.

Now that it’s spring and there are more visitors, you have to pay to park on weekends.  On the other hand, now that there are more visitors, there are also guided tours every Sunday at 10:30.  For more information on the park, see . 

Snow in the Pyrenees in the last weekend of May

Mom?  Dad?

Baby peekaboo

More baby

Who's this?

Not just birds

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