Friday, January 6, 2012

First of 2012

Felix took his first two pills of 2012 on the first morning of the year, as he had been doing for the last few days of 2011.  In addition to the pancreas problem he developed a cold and bronchitis.  He has been a very congested kitty but is slowly recovering from all his ailments.  I’m hoping that 2012 develops into a better year for him.

The first baby of 2012 born in Catalunya was born at exactly 12 am to immigrant parents.  The first baby was followed 30 seconds later by the second baby, also to immigrant parents.  In fact, in the ten years that I’ve been living here and hearing these reports, the first babies have always been immigrant babies.

My first breakfast of 2012 consisted of French toast with pure Vermont grade A maple syrup.  Yum.  Someone gave me the syrup a few years ago and I had been saving it for the right occasion.  That occasion came today with a special breakfast to inaugurate the new year in hope of its turning out to be a good one – the year in which I sell my villa and move into an apartment.

My first lunch of 2012 did not turn out as well as my first breakfast and hopefully is not a sign of how the year will turn out.  I had made a nice salmon and mashed potato (with crème fraiche, onion, and bacon) lunch yesterday and today I cooked the other salmon steak and reheated the remaining potatoes.  The salmon smelled a bit odd when I took it from the fridge, but I figured fish often does.  When I started in eating it, it also tasted odd.  That, I decided, was too much, so I ended up having a lunch of lots and lots of mashed potatoes followed by a very nice apple crumble I had made as the first dessert of 2012.  The salmon ended up in the first garbage of 2012.

The first evening of television of 2012 was just as boring as most of the evenings of the last few months leading up to it.

The first case of domestic (they call it gender) violence in Catalunya occurred in Girona on New Year’s day when a man killed his wife and then committed suicide.  The couple, in their 50s, was Ukrainian and had been living here for six years.  When crimes are committed here, they tell you where the people involved are from.

My first phone call of the year came on Monday 2 January at 10:30 am, the first working day of the year and was from a local realtor.  I was surprised he was already back at work.  He called to ask about the price of the villa because he had someone who he would be showing it to soon.  What a great first phone call that was!

Felix’s first time playing in 2012 was on Tuesday 3 January in the evening.  He has been improving day by day, but this is a significant sign that he is really feeling better and is almost back to normal.

Wednesday’s game between Barcelona and Osasuna, the first soccer game played at Camp Nou in 2012, was the first match ever in Spain to prohibit smoking in the stadium.  Força Barça!  Go Barça, smoke-free!

I hope all your firsts were good ones and that the year turns out well for you.

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  1. I never thought of recording my firsts in a new year. But now that you forced me to think It was a good beginning. I spent the First with my sister and most of my extended family. My nephew Danny and his wife decided that the family gathering was a great time to do an official Jewish baby naming of his first child, minus a rabbi. Her name is Eliza, but I forgot all her other names by now. My nephew, Gary and his family was in from Amsterdam so that was special for all of us. Well that was it for Firsts but I did promise my ex -girlfriend, Karen, last night that I would be more considerate when I have a new relationship. We went out to see the Chineese terra cotta warriors in the Bowers museum in Santa Ana. After dinner she proceeded to spend one hour telling me how insensitive I was during our time together. Being apart now for 6 months, I for the First time realized that she was right much of the time Also for the first time, I sat and listened, apologized and didn't spend the time stupidly defending my actions. That was a good first for me! Being apart gives you wisdom to hopefully alter the future and appreciate much of the past. Have a much deserved New Year. Love, Butch.